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Breakup Signals You Don’t Want To Miss

Breakup Signals You Don't Want To Miss

Knowing the signs that indicate something is going on with your partner and that they may be thinking of ending the relationship, can help you either find a way to make some changes and salvage the relationship, or at least not be blindsided when it does happen.

Here are some of the signals that you should be on the lookout for:

1. If your partner suddenly doesn’t have much to say, you may want to pay attention. For a relationship to work it is vital that the two of you can communicate with each other. If your partner just doesn’t talk to you anymore it’s not a good sign. It can mean that they just don’t feel like you are listening and they are sick and tired of trying, or they are thinking of someone else. If it’s either one of these things, that doesn’t look promising for the long term health of your relationship.

2. If your partner stops initiating physical contact, or pulls away when you do, this could be a warning sign. This doesn’t just mean sexually, it could be any type of physical contact like a hug, a shoulder rub, or holding hands. One of the first ways someone will disconnect from their partner when they are thinking of leaving a relationship is physically. This is a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored.

3. It seems like your partner would rather have their teeth cleaned than spend time with you, this is not a good sign. When you are in love with someone it’s almost like an addiction, you just can’t seem to get enough of them and you can’t stand to be apart from them. When your partner doesn’t miss you and doesn’t seem to mind the time the two of you spend apart, it might be a sign that your relationship has run it’s course.

4. If your partner suddenly seems to spend an awful lot of time ‘off in their own little world’, it could be a problem. Of course, stress at work or other things could be going on as well, you don’t need to panic, but it might be something that you should try to, calmly, discuss with them. If they deny they are doing it or get defensive than it’s very possibly not just work related stress but something, or someone, else that is occupying their thoughts.

If you are getting one or more of these signs it’s important that you don’t overreact, there might be a very simple explanation. If, on the other hand, you just can’t think of a plausible explanation for your partners change in behavior than you should discuss the situation with your partner. It’s very important that you don’t get upset or accuse your partner of doing something wrong, just ask the question and try to communicate about it.

If your partner denies that there is a problem but the unusual behavior continues, it might be time to find a therapist that can help the two of you work on your relationship and communication skills.

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