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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse By Using Their Computer

Do Not Play the Blame Game

Cheating spouses aren’t always that smart. Even when they are, they still tend to leave traces of their infidelity on their computer. It’s just too hard to resist the convenience of things like email when communicating with the person they’re cheating with. Here is a look at the easy things you can do to access everything your spouse has done on their computer.

Take time to explore dating sites

The first thing you can do if you are suspecting your spouse of cheating is to browse some dating sites. There are a lot of problems with this and a lot of reasons why it isn’t the best idea, but as a starting point it certainly doesn’t hurt. The problems are that there are countless dating sites, your spouse may not post a photo—if they’re smart—and any one site could have scores of users matching your spouse’s basic info. Still, it couldn’t hurt to browse and see what you come up with. If you get lucky—or unlucky, depending on how you look at it—you can end your spy game right here.

Take a look at the web history on your computer

Is your spouse a little less than computer savvy? By now most people should have learned through common knowledge, as well as TV and movies that the computer tracks everything they do. A wise person who is up to no good on the computer will likely take care to eliminate any traces by using anonymous web browsers or by clearing the history after the fact. If they don’t think to do this though, there will be a lot of clues waiting for you right there. Incidentally, if the web history is always being cleared you might take that as a clue all by itself.

Download a keylogger

Key logging software is a specialized program that tracks every key that is pressed by users of a computer. They run in the background and are very difficult to detect since they only appear after a certain secret key combination has been entered. The programs are designed to covertly send emails containing the logged data to whoever installed it. You can use that data to check on emails your spouse wrote, URLs they typed and even passwords they use.

Purchase specialized spying software

There is actually a large market for software that’s designed to spy on spouses. For prices that are relatively affordable you can get this type of software and install it on your computer, and any of your spouse’s computers that you have access to. These programs are mostly designed to do keylogging but can also follow web browsing histories and track passwords. The big benefit of them is that, since they are designed with this one task in mind, the information gets sent back in a very easily interpreted manner.

Download a password stealer

The problem with keylogging software is that they can end up sending you more information than you can handle. Password stealers simply give you that basic information, and you can use those passwords to do more active snooping.

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