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60 Fun Date Ideas For Romance and Excitement

60 Date Ideas For Fun And Romance

Deciding On What To Do On A Date Can Be Challenging

Going out on a date is something that many people may find to be truly challenging, especially when they find themselves a little lost on what to say and even what to do. They may even be wondering how they can ever truly make such a wonderful impression on their partner during the date.

You might be one of these individuals who is just looking to score that special date night with the man or woman of your dreams. It’s not as difficult as it seems because all you really need is just a handful of dating ideas to get you started with planning an unforgettable and ideal date.

You’re about to discover dating ideas which will help you with planning that important date to leave a lasting impression on your partner!

Fun Dating Ideas You Can Try With Your Date

1. Order your pizza in a special way

If you both love to eat pizza, then you should come up with a unique way of doing it. One of the things that you could do is to ask the pizza chef to cut the pie into a certain shape, instead of just the regular one. For example, if it is a special day, then have it cut into the shape of the heart, so that it would impress her more.

2. Enjoy more time in front of the television

If you have been going out for a while, buying a DVD set for the whole season of a television series should be a good way to spend some time at your place. You can do it during the weekend, especially if you don’t have any other plans. Aside from that, you can also watch it each night, just right after your work.

3. Go hiking

There may be times when you want to go out with your special someone without breaking your budget for the month. During these instances, one of the things that you can do is to go on a hiking trip. All you have to do is wear your comfortable hiking boots, and pack up some healthy snacks. This should offer a good opportunity for both of you to get enough exercise, and have fun in the woods.

4. Take your date to the nearest bowling alley

Dating does not always have to be done in a place where you can just eat and chat. Taking your date to the nearest bowling alley is something that you can consider, especially if you both want to do something new. Bowling is fun, and you can always take a break and talk to each other anytime you want.

5. Revisit places where you previously worked

Whenever you run out of places to go with your date, asking questions about her previous jobs should be something that can help you out with it. You can always ask her about the best jobs she had, as well as the worst ones and then take a trip down memory lane by going to those places. This is a topic that can take some time in talking about, and it would also give both of you a chance to discuss about funny moments in your work place.

6. Visit the spa

Visiting the spa with your special someone should be a good dating idea. It would only take an hour or two, for both of you to feel rejuvenated. See to it that you would be inside the same room when you get a massage. This relaxing activity should get both of you going for the whole day, whether you decide to watch TV at your place, or spend some time at the mall.

7. Take her to a dinner cruise

One of the best ways to treat your date for a romantic dinner is to take her to a dinner cruise. Not only does it offer breathtaking views, but the cool wind can also boost both your appetites. More importantly, the motion of the ocean would also make your date more intimate.

8. Take her to a roller skating rink

Taking your date to a roller skating rink is something that you can do, which can help you spend more time together while having fun, and get enough exercise. If she is still not very good in it, then it would give you a chance to hold her hands. Bring enough water though, since it can get you thirsty easily.

9. Visit an art gallery

When you go around town, you can see a lot of art galleries, in which the entrance would usually be for free. On top of that, if you are going to visit the gallery for its opening night, then you can expect wine to be served for free. Spend some time in such galleries, and enjoy the wine, in order to have a more romantic time together, without spending lots of money for it.

10. Take your dog to the park

If you and your special someone love dogs, then you should take your pet to the park with her. This is an activity that can bring you closer together. Just make sure to bring enough water and sandwiches, so that you can have something to eat and drink anytime you want to.

11. Visit a karaoke bar

Taking your date to a karaoke bar is one of the best things that you can do, in order to have a great time together. Whether you sing out of tune or not, it should give you a chance to pick the songs that help express your feelings to her. Pick a karaoke bar that has updated song list though, so that you can select songs that are new.

12. Brew a cup of coffee

Lots of people enjoy drinking coffee these days, and if you and your partner share the same passion on coffee, then it is a good idea to buy your own coffee maker and brew your own coffee. This way, you no longer have to visit the nearest coffee shop to both enjoy your favorite drink. On top of that, you can drink coffee while watching a television show in your living room.

13. Buy a sketch pad and draw each other

When you go outdoors, one of the best things that you can do is to draw each other. Thus, it is time to buy a couple of sketch pads today. You can take turns in making sketches or in drawing each other. Make use of your imagination, so that you can make your date more fun and exciting.

14. Try pottery painting

Visiting a pottery shop can offer you an interesting way of spending time with your loved one. This is because, pottery painting is an activity that you both can share. On top of that, it can be fun when you are able to paint funky coffee mugs, and get to take them at your place.

15. Do something that your partner loves

If your girlfriend loves musicals but you don’t like it, then you should buy tickets for it and let her enjoy the show. Although you may not have fun in watching musicals, you can be assured that she is enjoying it. When you do this, not only would you enjoy watching her enjoying her time, but she would also reward you for going through it.

16. Go to museums

When you check out the museums at your place, you would realize that they usually have one free night every week. Take note of the free nights, and take your date during those times. Not only would you be able to save cash in doing this, but it can also help both of you appreciate lots of things in the museums.

17. Read a novel together

Reading is a wonderful pastime and you can suggest to your date to bring his/her favorite book on the date. You both can read the book together or exchange your favorite books. It helps as a topic that you both can talk about and you can spend some time together at the library or cafe reading the books and exchanging pointers on them. Do make sure that the books are interesting, so that you can talk about it for a while.

18. Take her to a wine tasting tour

If you both love wines, then it is a good idea to take her to a wine tasting tour on the weekend. When you take the tour, you would be given a chance to check out how wine is made. Aside from that, it would also offer you free tasting of different wines, which would really make it more exciting.

19. Enjoy playing in the park

Buying a remote control airplane is something that you can do in order to have fun with your date. All you got to do is to take her and the airplane to the park, and take turns in flying it. Just make sure that the plane is easy to control, so that you can avoid trees and fly it well.

20. Take her to garage sales

Find an elegant neighborhood that is near your place, and see if some houses offer garage sales. If they do, then take her shopping in these garage sales. Since you are taking her to a neighborhood that is home to a lot of rich people, then she would be able to check out a lot of things that are expensive if you buy it at the malls.

21. Join a short marathon

Getting enough exercise can be fun, especially if you do it with your special someone. One of the things that you can do for it is to join a short marathon together. This would help you spend more time together when you on training. On top of that, it would also motivate you more in finishing the marathon.

22. Go camping

Buy a camping tent and take your girl for a night of camping. Bring enough water and food with you, so that you won’t have to leave the camping ground from time to time. Going on a camping trip can result to savoring each other and nature, which would help in making your relationship stronger.

23. Take her to an amusement park

Impress your date by taking her to an amusement park. One of the best things that you can do when you get there is to ride roller coasters, since it would really get her thrilled and excited. The activities that you can do at the amusement park would help in making more memories, which can make your relationship more meaningful.

24. Play video games

If you have one of the latest video gaming consoles, then you can simply have some fun with your girl at your place. Playing video games, especially with ones that can get you competing against each other would help in making your time spent together more exciting. Let her win in most of the games, so that she can see how gentleman you are.

25. Take your date to a palm reader

Getting your palms read together with your date can be exciting. Thus, it is time to ask your friends if they know someone that you can visit for it. If you can’t find a person that can read both your palms, then it is a good idea to learn more about it. If you know how to read palms, then she would become more excited in going through it.

26. Join a Yoga class

When you join a Yoga class, you would improve your sense of well being, aside from helping you stretch out your muscles. When you do this together with your partner, then it would become more meaningful and bring you closer to each other. On top of that, this can get you limbered enough for something that you want to do inside your bedroom later.

27. Do a back massage for each other

Knowing how to massage the back is something that can help in bringing you close to each other. You can massage her back whenever you see that she had a long day at work. When you do this, she would not just feel better, but it can also trigger her to become more intimate with you.

28. Do some volunteer work

Doing some volunteer work should be something unique that you and your partner can share. Going through this kind of activity is definitely worthwhile, aside from the fact that it can help you bond with each other more. It would be a very memorable experience for both of you, which can strengthen your relationship more.

29. Go to the flea market

Taking your boyfriend to the flea market would be a good idea to spend some time with him. There are lots of affordable items that you can find in the flea market, and one of which is the blanket. Find a beautiful blanket and purchase it, so that you can make use of it to snuggle in with your partner when you get home.

30. Cook with your partner

Cooking together with the person that you care about is something that can strengthen your bond. Although lots of people say that the stomach is not really the best way to a man’s heart, there are certain dishes that you can prepare for him, which can make your relationship stronger. For example, cooking up oysters, figs, and other food items that are considered aphrodisiacs should help in making you both feel like you want to go to bed early.

Even before starting cooking, you can already spend more time together, when you purchase the items that you need at the grocery. When you begin to cook, not only would you have fun in preparing and adding the ingredients, but you would also get excited in eating the dish that you can come up with. Make the most out of it by lighting candles and serving his favorite bottle of wine.

31. Spend some time at the local carnival

When you go on a date at a local carnival, you can be assured that you won’t get bored. This is because, there are definitely a lot of things that you can do at the place. Aside from playing certain games, there are also several rides that you can enjoy together. Don’t forget to ride the Ferris Wheel though, since it would give you a chance to be alone with her in a different way.

32. Give him a haircut and let him color your locks

In times when you want to spend some time together at your own place, one of the things that you can do is to take care of each other’s hair. You can go ahead and give him a haircut, while letting him color your hair. On top of being a fun way of spending time together, this would also offer you a chance to save money in caring for your hair.

33. Fly a kite on a windy day

When you don’t have lots of things to do, and you want to spend some time with your partner, then fly a kite in your backyard or at the park. If you don’t have one, then learning how to make one should be something that you can also do together. Flying a kite would be something that you can do while relaxing at the park, which would help in sharing precious moments.

34. Watch a horror flick

One of the best things that you can do on a weekend is to watch a horror flick together with your special someone. You can purchase a DVD for that, and cook up some snacks. Watching a horror movie can get her hugging your arms for the entire show. On top of that, it can also make you more intimate with each other.

35. Write romantic poems on one of your dates

If you are dating at a place where it is quite enough for both of you to write some poems, then do it. Writing poems is a great way of expressing your feelings to each other. Aside from that, even if you don’t really have the knack for it, you would still be able to enjoy it, especially when your poems come out funny instead of romantic.

36. Visit a farm and feed the animals

If you have a relative who has a farm in the countryside, then schedule a date to visit him together with your boyfriend. When you get there, volunteer to feed the animals together with your special someone. If your uncle has cows, then let him teach you how to milk them. It would offer a wonderful learning experience for the both of you, and you would have a lot of fun in doing it.

37. Dine at a fancy restaurant

If you can find a fancy restaurant in the city that is situated at the top of a building or hotel, then choose that place for your next dinner date. This would offer you a breathtaking view of the city. Aside from that, if you get a chance to ride the elevator alone, then you can kiss her from the first level to the top.

38. Rent a tandem bike

Biking at the park can offer you a good way to get enough exercise, as well as spend more time together. If you want to make it more enjoyable though, then you should rent a tandem bike for it. This way, you would be closer to each other while you are biking.

39. Play billiards

Take your girl to a place where you can enjoy a game of billiards. Aside from the fact that it is fun to pocket the balls, you can also make bets in your games. For example, you get to kiss her in public whenever you win, and you can buy her a drink each time you lose.

40. Share your talents

If you have a certain talent, such as playing the piano, singing, or painting, then you should share it with your special someone. Show her that you care for her by singing a beautiful song to her when you are alone. Aside from that, you can also paint a picture of her and frame it. Share your talent to her, and you can certainly enjoy the rewards later on.

41. Take her to a horseback riding lesson

Whether you are good or not when it comes to riding a horse, you should take your girl to a horseback riding lesson. Spending time with her while learning how to ride a horse is something that can bring you closer together. After the lesson, you can always relax at the snack bar and talk about the experience.

42. Take her to dancing

If you do your research, you would find out that most women love to dance. Thus, the more you go out with her, the more likely you would find yourself at a dance floor. With that, it is best that you learn how to dance. By doing that, it would ensure that she can have more fun when she is with you than any other guy.

43. Visit the aquarium

The tranquil ambience of an aquarium can evoke romantic feelings while strolling through the dimly-light sections of the aquarium. You can both try to identify amazing creatures you see behind the giant glass wall. Some aquariums have interactive educational exhibits that can be fun for both of you.

44. Rent your favorite car

If you have not been able to save up enough money for your dream car yet, then rent one out. Take your girl for a spin inside and even outside the city. Make the ride more enjoyable by visiting a nearby town or city and book a night at the hotel. See to it that the hotel offers a lot of amenities that you can both enjoy so that your outing would become memorable.

45. Shop online

If you both don’t feel like going out of your house for the day, then you should make use of your computer to shop online for certain things that you like. There are lots of online stores that you can visit today and they offer a lot of discounted products. There are even stores where you can buy things that are specifically made for couples, and you can have them delivered at your place in just a matter of days.

46. Book a hotel online for a weekend getaway

Treat your special someone to a weekend getaway, and book it through the internet. There are lots of online booking sites that you can access today, when it comes to hotel accommodations. Through the internet, you can see pictures of the place, aside from accessing information about their prices, amenities, and other things that you can enjoy when you are there.

47. Do something thrilling

If you want to create more memories with your partner, then you should do something thrilling from time to time. For example, going bungee jumping is something that not a lot of couples would do, but it is surely going to get both your adrenaline pumping. The thrill of the experience would make your time spent together more memorable, which can strengthen your relationship more.

48. Go to an ice skating rink

Convince your date to go to an ice skating rink, even if both of you don’t have any kind of experience in skating on ice. It would offer the perfect excuse to hold her hands. Aside from that, since you both don’t know how to do it, then you may even fall on top of each other. This can make you more comfortable in spending time together. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate afterwards, and sit as near to each other as you can to stay warm.

49. Play a game of darts

Instead of visiting a pricey bar, you should pick a place where you can drink a few bottles of beer while playing darts. Playing darts would spark a healthy competition between the two of you. It is best if the bar you would visit has a karaoke, so that the loser would sing a song before playing another set.

50. Find a hobby that you can do together

There are lots of hobbies that can be done by couples. For example, if you both like picture taking, then you can go out on weekends and take pictures of birds, landscapes, and such. Aside from that, you can also enroll into an art class so that you can both learn how to paint. Talk about this, so that you can soon find out what kind of hobby you want to do.

51. Visit an open house

If there are open houses in certain parts of the town, then visit it. Pretend that you are already married, and spend your time inside the house arguing about certain things about it, such as where to put the sofa. Aside from that, you can also discuss whether the decorations are hideous or beautiful.

52. Visit an indoor rock-climbing gym

If you want to go on a date that can challenge both of you physically, then it is time to visit an indoor rock-climbing gym. You can race with each other in getting to the top and come up with a price for the winner. This activity would give you a reason to have a hot shower together, so that you can relieve muscle soreness.

53. Plan a trip

Even if you still don’t have the money for a trip, planning for it together with your special someone can be fun. You can go online to check out the resorts or hotel accommodations that you want to book for it. When you do this, it can motivate you both to start saving up some cash, so that you can make your dream vacation come true.

54. Take him to a rifle range

Having a little friendly competition can always help when it comes to making your relationship grow. Thus, it is time to surprise your man and take him to a rifle range. Compare your targets each time you are done with a round and score yourselves. The loser would be paying for the next set of bullets, while the winner gets treated to his or her favorite snack outlet.

55. Check out for free concerts

Bringing your date to a free concert is not a bad idea, especially if you are trying to save up some cash. To find free concerts, you can always check out your local newspaper’s classified ads. Aside from that, you can also browse through certain websites for it, and take advantage of them.

56. Find a drive-in movie theater

If you can find a drive-in movie theater in your location, then you should take your date to it soon. On your way to the theater, you should stop by a supermarket to buy your favorite snacks. Make sure that you have pillows and blankets in your car, so that you can enjoy the movie even more.

57. Take her to the bookstore

Taking your partner to the bookstore gives you both a chance to show and compare your favorite books. This can help in learning more about each other. Aside from that, once you are both done checking out books that you like, you can take her to the section where you can find adult books, so that you can get ideas for the later part of the day.

58. Build something together

Show your date your rugged side, by asking him to help you out in building something. Building something together can let you see how good you are in working as a team. There are lots of things that you can build together such as a coffee table or a cabinet for your place. Just make sure that you are ready for anything, since not everyone has natural talents when it comes to this.

59. Visit a casino

If there is a casino in your town, you can both visit one for some fun and excitement. If you are lucky enough, you can even win some money at the slot machines. However, be careful not to get carried away and spend more than you can afford to lose.

60. Take a boat tour

If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind experience with your date, you can take a daily boat tour on a lake or river. You can enjoy the scenery and take some memorable pictures while spending some unforgettable time together.

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