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Blind Dates – Facts and Fallacies

Blind Dates

There are far too many misconceptions about dating today, especially when it comes to blind dating. Blind dates are so publicized in a negative way that people often shy away from them. Most people gather their conceptions and beliefs about dating from others, or worse from the media. So it is important you separate fact from fallacy to increase your chances for dating success.

Misconceptions About Blind Dates

Misconception #1 – Blind dates can never lead to true romance

Why on earth would blind dating be so popular if no one ever found true romance on a blind date? In fact, these days more often than not people have no choice but to go on a blind date if they want to meet “Mr.” or “Mrs.” right. Too many people get the idea that blind dates always lead to one-night-stands or horrible tales you share with friends. More and more these days however, people are finding blind dates are fun. While you shouldn’t expect every date you go on to lead to true romance, there is no reason your next blind date can’t lead to lasting love. Many people find true love after a blind date.

Misconception # 2 – Only “losers” go on blind dates

Most people today are simply too busy to date. That is one reason blind dates are rapidly gaining in popularity. Think of how many people consistently use sites like to find true love or a potential date? For people short on time in a busy world, blind dates often provide a convenient and easy way to meet people in an otherwise hectic world.

Many people who go on a blind date are the cream of the crop. They avoid the bar scene or nightclubs because they want to ensure a successful and exciting dating opportunity, not a drunken affair. You are more likely to run into a loser by hooking up with some random person you meet than by dating someone referred to you by a close friend or family member. And that is how most blind dates start. As much as you may roll your eyes, your grandma just may know who the best person for you really is. Just give her a chance!

Misconception #3 – You should always expect the worst from a blind date

If you go into anything with a negative attitude, chances are you will have a bad time. The same is true of ordinary dating. What you need to do is go into your blind date expecting the best. This can be hard; especially considering many people’s opinions of what blind dating is all about.

Blind dates are often the butt of many jokes. So people, unfortunately, come to expect the worst of blind dates. This can lead to abnormal behavior, unnecessary nervousness and a bad experience, when you may have had a chance for a good date. Never expect the worst from a blind date. While you shouldn’t necessarily expect this would be the best date, you can certainly hope it might. The more positive energy you carry into your date, the more likely you are to come out ahead.

Facts About Blind Dates

Now that you know what some of the fallacies are about blind dates, it is time to uncover some facts about blind dates.

Fact #1 – Most people will go on a blind date at least once in their life

It is difficult to meet people under ordinary circumstances. Most people find they are short on time and resources to chase after the perfect date. So why not rely on your network of friends, family and others to find a good date? If you haven’t been on a blind date ever, consider yourself in the minority not the majority. Now, many people DO flub up their first blind date. But you don’t have to!

Fact #2 – Blind dating can be as rewarding and promising as traditional dating

Most of the same ideas, principles and realities of ordinary dating apply to the blind dating as well. Men and women both send out verbal and nonverbal cues during a date giving their partner a clue about their interest level. The better able you are to read your date’s signals, the more likely you are to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company, whether or not your date turns out to be a memorable experience or a one time fling.

Fact #3 – A blind date is what you make of it

If you go into a blind date with a positive mind and attitude, then chances are you will come out a winner. The same is true of any date. If however, you hold the opinion that blind dating stinks, or is for losers, then chances are you will not get much out of your dating experience.

Distinguishing Fact From Fallacy

Are you aware of your own preconceived beliefs about dating? If not, you may be headed for a dating disaster. Before you go on your first blind date, it is important to be fully aware of your own prejudices about blind dating. So take a minute to think about your top 3 concerns or misconceptions you may have heard about blind dating that worry you. Go over them and then find a reason to debunk them. If you can’t come up with your own list of facts and fallacies about blind dating, ask your friends about their opinions of blind dating.

Keep in mind that blind dating is a popular concept and is here to stay. Once you know your own reservations and those of your friends and family members about blind dating, chances are high that you will prepare yourself for a good time on your first blind date, or the first of many.

Remember, always trust your gut instinct when it comes to dating. Question anything that seems over-the-top or too absurd. Blind dating is similar to traditional dating. If you give it a chance you may find you are pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

In closing, your best bet for dating success is turning negative thoughts, feelings and concerns into positive ones. If you go on a date, whether a blind date or a traditional one, expecting the worst, you will probably have a bad time. Whether you are on a blind date with a friend of the family or someone you met on the Internet, make sure you get into a positive mind frame, and you are more likely to have a good time than a bad one.

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