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How To Flirt Tips For Men and Women

How To Flirt Tips For Men and Women

That winsome smile and that provocative flip of the hair. The hand on the belt and the sparkling eyes or the tiny twist of a smile that dances along the lips which leads a person to think you are interested or that you are interested in them.

These are things that are so subtle that many people are clueless. But learning how to flirt is important. It is a rite of passage that all young men and women must master if they want to attract the mate of their dreams. And even those that already have mates use flirtation to keep the interest and feelings alive. But do you know how to flirt? You may think that a quick come on line works but you are probably wrong. This article can help you master your flirtation game and teach you some of the basics of flirting.

What are some how to flirt tips for men?

If you are a man and want to know how to flirt you first have to take a look at your own body language. An important tip when flirting is to use direct eye contact but not to hold the gaze for too long. Look at the person you are interested in and when you have caught their eye, move your gaze away. Make sure your shoulders are squared and that you give the appearance of being open and honest. Hunched shoulders reek of self consciousness so you want to avoid those types of body movements. Make each movement fluidly and with control. This will allow your flirtation partner an opportunity to talk to you because you seem open to communication.

What are some how to flirt tips for women?

Ah, but how women can flirt and do it so innocently. If you are a woman and want to learn how to flirt you have to take some cues from men. The first is the eye contact. Make direct eye contact with your flirting recipient. Then look away when you have caught their attention. Running your fingers through your hair, or playing with your hair gives the person the impression that you are interested in them. The next step is your body language. Most women naturally want to cross their legs. If you cross your legs away from your flirting partner then you seem closed off. If you turn your body slightly in and lean in a little, this tells your interest that you are definitely into them and are open for more communication. Another flirtation sign is licking your lips. You may do this subconsciously because you are thinking about kissing that person. It is a sign and one you need to master first at home otherwise you are going to give the appearance that you are just trying to get something off your lips.

I know there is a difference in knowing how to flirt and how to be sleazy but what is the fine line?

Knowing how to flirt and being sleazy can sometimes get mixed. You may be giving off the right body language but saying inappropriate canned lines. Pick up lines only work in the movies. Sure, that line may be so old your grandfather and grandmother used it and it may get a laugh but you want the person to think you are being sincere. A sleazy pick up line is not going to do that. Be genuine in your conversation and in your movements. Do not unbutton your shirt down to your navel and expose your body parts. That is crossing into sleaze town. Try to keep the conversation at a simmer rather than boiling over with sexual innuendos. That is how you keep from being sleazy.

After getting the basics down of how to flirt, how do you progress from there?

Once you have the basic hand movements, smile and eye contact down to a fine art you can start on your conversation skills. Learning how to flirt with your body is just the first step. The next step is turning ordinary conversation into something attractive and compelling. It does take time and practice though. And beware of sleazy pick up lines because while they may be funny with friends, they do attract the wrong type of people and more often than not you will get rejected for them. Men and women like to feel as if they are special. It is the job of the flirter to do that.

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