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Do You Want Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

Do You Want Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

Your ex-girlfriend dumped you and you have no clue why until it’s time for some self-reflection. You thought you treated her well but maybe you took her for granted and canceling your last date because your friends wanted to go out was the final straw. Maybe she was starting to notice you always flirted with every waitress that was serving you two when you went out. Either way you made a huge mistake doing something to make her want to dump you for good and now you want to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Want to get your ex back? Nothing is worse then trying to win her affection back shortly after she breaks up with you. It’s not recommended to call her after 5 minutes yelling she made a huge mistake no matter how much you think you are wrong. Remember here that she broke up with you so somehow you were wrong. Do not take the desperate needy route. This includes showing up at her work or home with an entire van full of flowers or sending your friends to do singing telegrams. It’s embarrassing for your ex-girlfriend when people start to ask who is sending these guys with horrible lyrics.

We live in a day and age where technology is everywhere. You have to give your ex-girlfriend her space. If she broke up with you remember she’s pissed off and hurt about something you did. Give her time to think about her decision and don’t bombard her with any reminders of you. This is where Facebook comes in. People love to show off who they are in a relationship in and who they are not with anymore. Do not leave messages on her Facebook wall claiming your an idiot for flirting with her best friend. Displaying all of your breakup drama for everyone to see will get you off her Facebook friend’s list faster then you can type “I love you.”

Your cellphone is always on you and it’s pure habit to check it constantly to see if she’s texted just like when you were together. Do not fill up her inbox with text messages every few seconds that you are thinking of her and want her back. Remember, giving each other space is key here. If you make her feel like you are suffocating her space she will run even faster and it’s not towards you. This kind of desperate behavior is the talk amongst girlfriends and it’s not a pretty picture that she will paint about you.

If you know in your heart that you are to blame for the breakup you need to take the high road. It is painful for anyone who has broken up. You are not the only one who is feeling it. You may have forgotten that your ex-girlfriend is feeling the loss as well. You have to take this time for self reflection on what happened. Surround yourself with good friends and family to help you get through it. Don’t carry the attitude that you and your ex will get back together. A relationship has to be wanted by both people. Take this time to learn about yourself and work on the things that may have been an issue in the relationship. Time will tell if the two of you are meant to be together.

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