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How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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You never saw it coming or maybe you did but your boyfriend just broke up with you. Oh no he didn’t but he did. When he did, you played the let’s just be friends tactic. Most girls when broken up with play this tactic to stay in their ex-boyfriend’s lives. It comes with an emotional price and it’s not recommended shortly after a split.

Trying to remain friends with your ex-boyfriend is like having chocolate in the house when you’re on a diet. It just doesn’t work. In the back of your mind you are hoping that you’ll just ease back into your relationship. It takes time to heal after a breakup and and space for both people to really decide if they are meant to be together.

When your boyfriend breaks up with you the time afterwards is crucial. You need to focus on yourself before you focus on him. If you really want to get your ex-boyfriend back you have to play the physical end of it and you need some time to do it. A man is a visual being and seeing you in a different light is key here. Before you two ended up in a relationship, he was already admiring you from afar. When he finally got you, he was considered a lucky guy and thinking he was the man. In a relationship you become comfortable with each other and lose that physical spark. You both know it’s there because you are attracted to each other but if you two spend a lot of time together, you forget how attractive they are.

Sometimes women get so comfortable in their relationship they forget about dressing up for their boyfriend and reminding him how hot she is. This is the moment where you have to make him regret breaking up with you. It’s time to feel good on the inside to let it shine on the outside. Of course you are hurt and angry he just let you go so take that frustration out at the gym. Kick it out at your first kick boxing class. Find ways to release those emotions and boy, will it show physically in the near time to come.

Go get that new hairstyle you always wanted or try a new color change for the summer. Maybe blondes do have more fun but you won’t know until you try. Make sure to get some new clothes to treat yourself for that new body you will be sporting. There is nothing like taking care of yourself and it will show.

With all of the new things you are doing for yourself it will bounce off on your smile and the energy you are sending out. When you are positive it will bring back positive things your way. If your ex-boyfriend sees the new change in you or even hears it from other people, it will definitely make him see you in a new light. When he sees all the attention you are getting, it will definitely make him regret breaking up with you and he will tell you. Don’t chase him. Play it cool and let him come to you.

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