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How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend To Return Your Call

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend To Return Your Call

It’s been a couple of months since your ex-girlfriend broke up with you. You still love her and want her back. You’ve always wanted her back since the day she pointed to the door. Shortly after the split you were calling her every waking day and begging her to come back. It was definitely the wrong turn for you. She threatened to change her number and she called you a lot of choice words. It may have been a sign that she truly dislikes you.

It’s possible to get your ex-girlfriend to return your call but you have to play your timing right. Ease into it. Don’t punch her number on speed dial immediately after the split. If you have made the mistake of doing so, you need to allow sufficient time to have passed. Give it up to a month so that you have time to reflect back to the relationship on what went wrong. If it was truly your fault you need to own up to it and realize what you need to do to fix it. Were you Flirtatious? Cheap? Take everything into perspective if you truly want to be back with your ex-girlfriend.

There are incorrect ways to leave messages for your ex so that she will not want to return your phone calls. There are also correct ways to leave messages for your ex so she will  be more tempted to return your phone calls. As long as you can find a way to shape her perception about your intentions with your messages, then you have a really good chance of getting your ex to return your phone calls.

Message #1

“Why aren’t you calling me back? You must be out with another guy. I bet you’re out with another guy. How could you?! When you get home, please call me. Could you please call me back? I’ve been calling you but you’re not calling me back. Seriously, how many guys are you dating now? Call me…please.”

This is not a great way to get your ex-girlfriend back. No matter how fearful you are of her meeting someone else, you must try to have self control and not display any desperation or fear in your messages.

Message #2

“I still have your sweater. Do you want it back? Please call me.”

This is used quite often with exes thinking that if they use a material item they can get their ex to see them for it. If your ex-girlfriend really wanted her stuff back she would have gotten it BEFORE she broke up with you. It’s true. When there is a break up coming up, she will make sure there is no reason to see each other again.

None of these message tactics will work. What you need to do is leave a genuine message after an amount of time has passed. The time that both of you will use to either think about the best person they lost or celebrating they are single. It’s simple as that.

Message #3

“Hi ex-girlfriend. It’s me. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve come to realize that I really hurt you with what I did. I’m so sorry. I’ve really missed you and would love to talk to you. Please call me. Thank you.”

Now a message that is truly heartfelt and honest is much better then making up excuses to get her on the phone. If she is touched by your message, she will return your call.

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