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Wanting Your Ex Back For All The Wrong Reasons

The two of you were like honey and jam but it seemed that things weren’t working and one of you broke it off. Ouch. We all know how it goes. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Was your ex really that good for you or are you just bouncing off emotional break up syndrome.

It’s difficult for anyone when they have a loss in their lives. Getting use to being alone when you had countless hours spent with your ex takes a lot of getting used to right off the bat. It will be a transition period but you will definitely get through this.
Fear often gets some exes in desperation mode trying every attempt to make their ex listen to them. Waiting for them at the end of their work shift and pleading on your knees is definitely a no-no. Pick up your pride off that floor and dust off those knees. What you need to do is go through the emotions with any breakup and give yourself the ex space.

It’s always painful for anyone who has been in a short or long-term relationship to say goodbye. Even when you saw that finish line from a mile back before someone mentioned a breakup, it’s never easy to let go of someone you love. Denial about the breakup sets in as if you just had a bad dream but reality hits when you realize that your ex is already out with someone else. This is when the “you didn’t realize what you had until you see them with someone else” syndrome kicks in.

It will hurt and for sure cause tears but embrace those emotions. The pain in your heart will feel like it will consume you so make sure to let it out. If you are not someone who likes to shed tears in front of friends or family do it in the comfort of your own home. Blast that “My Heart Will Go On” song or any of your favorite “I’m moving on” type songs and sob it all out.

Anger will seep in if it was your ex who did the break up bit and won’t take you back. Seriously, someone broke up with you? Always make sure to have a great support network of friends and family that you can spend those weekends with. Have an all girl’s night out or a night out with the guys. Your friends will love to spend time with you since you were so busy before spending time with that ex of yours. Your friends will always be on your side and make you laugh by reminding you why you are better off single.

Often times because we fear to be alone or see our exes happily with someone else we overlook something. Ourselves. This is the perfect time to get back to doing things just for you. Do things that you use to enjoy doing but didn’t because you were so focused on your ex. Venture out and learn new things that you always wanted to try. When people break up it’s always a sad place to be in and yes, it will feel lonely and awful but as time goes on you will love the fresh new start of being single.

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