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How to Choose A Wedding Reception Venue

The wedding reception venue is the most important decision in wedding planning. More than half of the wedding budget goes to paying for the reception site and catering, so it is important to be thorough when searching for the right venue. Look at several possibilities before settling on a site, and be sure to get answers to all of the important questions.

Before beginning the search for the perfect wedding reception site, some planning must be done. A guest list will make sure that any prospective sites are capable of holding all of the guests. It is also important to decide whether or not the wedding venue will provide all of the food and drinks or if an outside catering service will be providing these important items. Once this is decided, it is time to go hunting for the right reception site.

If the wedding itself will be held at the reception site, it is important to make sure that the venue has the capability and space to hold the ceremony. At this time, it is important to ask about the seating capacity. This is also the time to look over potential menu options and prices. Wedding reception venues that also provide the food often base the cost on the number of guests and the number of dinners that will be served. The price list is then based on the choice of food. It is possible to order less expensive meals to save money while holding the reception at a venue that is considered expensive.

Another item to consider is the size of the dance floor. It would be awful to have a lot of guests who would like to dance but cannot fit onto the dance floor. Also, consider the placement of the bar so that it is comfortable for all of the guests to get to the bar and order drinks without having to wait too long. When choosing food, decide whether it will be a sit down meal or a buffet. If it is a buffet, ask the venue where the buffet will be set up and how they handle the serving of the food. There is nothing worse than a buffet that is poorly run.

Something that many couples neglect to consider asking is whether there will be any other weddings held at the same time as theirs. A lot of wedding reception sites hold two weddings at a time. If this is the case, make sure that the venue staggers the weddings so that dinner is being served at separate times to minimize confusion. Also, ask about the bathroom facilities and whether they will be shared. Be sure to address any potential parking problems and ask if any parking spaces can be reserved if there are not enough designated for the handicapped.

Many couples know instantly when they visit the right wedding reception venue. These questions are important, but many of them can be worked out if they are a problem. If the wedding site is a perfect fit then book it immediately because it will go fast!

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