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How To Make Your Relationship Last Longer

Whether its your marriage, or even a serious relationship, there are key ingredients you need to know in order to make it a successful one. This simple ingredients to a successful relationship are small, but when used correctly can make or break any relationship. To make anything last, you need to have respect for the other person, show them dedication, communication and honesty. Also, showing your significant other affection whenever possible and being able to listen to the them no matter what the circumstances are. Always show them attention and most importantly, being faithful is one of the most important factors to making your relationship or marriage last.

Always Give 100% To The Person You Love

Your marriage or relationship should be a refuge against anything and everything. The person you’re sharing your life with, is the person that you come to for any and everything. This is a person who is always there for you, never judges you and is always going to support you. To build this refuge, each person has to give 100%, or it will crumble.

It Takes Two To Tango

Relationships and marriages are not a one way street, it takes two to make it work. If you truly love someone, you fight for them and find any and every way to make them happy. Most relationships fail, because one person is not willing to put in the effort to make it work, and the other person is constantly giving 110%. If you can find a way to start putting more and more effort in every day, you will realize that both you and your partner are happier than ever.

It’s The Small Things That Count

For all the guys out there, it’s all about the small things. Sure, women love romantic gestures, but truthfully, the small things you do for us makes us happy. Romantic movies have made it hard for any guy to keep up and have raised women’s expectations. But like mentioned, it’s the little things that matter. You should equally constantly show your appreciation for the other so that you both know that you matter and are always being thought of.

Sex & Intimacy

In every good relationship and marriage, sex is more important than your think. It’s more than just being physical, it showing each other that the emotional connection is still there. Being intimate with one another keeps the spark going and makes you feel welcome and wanted. If you find yourself drifting apart, intimacy will always bring you back. Its an act of two people in love showing their love for each other in the way that only lovers can feel.

Making Every Second Count

Another important thing to making your relationship or marriage last, is making time for one another. It’s easy in life to become forgetful that you have someone important in your life, but in order for your partner to remain feeling important, it is extremely necessary to show them that they matter. So even if it’s just one night a week, take your significant other out, or just simply have a romantic evening in to keep the relationship growing.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

Try and not argue about the simple small things. Sometimes arguing about something so small can blow up in your face. Stop fighting about the small things. There are literally hundreds of steps you can take to improve the strength of your relationship, but as I mentioned earlier, it takes two to make something continue growing and keep growing stronger every day. If you take this advice, you will find that relationship will only get better.

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