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Love Can Be Enough Sometimes

Turn to any radio channel that plays music, country, pop or rock, and you are bound to hear the same trite love songs filled with heartache and betrayal. That seems to be the norm for musicians in this decade. But once upon a time there were plenty songs glorifying love to the point that you felt good just hearing the tune on the air and it bled over into your life. So what does that have to do with a failing marriage? Quite a lot actually if you think about it carefully. One of the biggest and most overlooked qualities in a marriage is love. People get wrapped up in the fighting and bickering and forget that they once loved their partner completely. They probably even had a song they danced and sang to that reminded them of their love.

All song metaphors aside, love can be enough sometimes when the times get rough and you or your partner feel like abandoning the marriage. Far too often people get caught up in work and social lives that take time away from “core time” with their significant other. Core time is essential time that is needed by every single married or even unmarried couple if they want their relationship to succeed. It is not always necessary to spend hours with your husband or wife. Sometimes time and family obligations prevent that but even spending a small amount of alone time each day is incredibly helpful in opening up communication and bringing back that feeling of intimacy.

Learning to love again is important. It means leaving behind the baggage of who did what to whom. That is the tricky part. You have to also remember what it was about your partner that made you fall in love with them. They may not have the same physique as they once did and they may have even changed in their attitude but chances are there is still something there that sparks an attraction. And once that attraction is sparked then you begin to remember all the things that you love about that special someone.

Granted love is not always enough in some cases. Infidelity is a huge chasm where even love cannot repair the damages wrought by a cheating spouse. That type of breakdown in a marriage requires far more than love alone but loving your spouse is a definite start. It shows that you are not ready to give up the fight just yet. Cheating can destroy trust but it does not destroy the fundamental building blocks that caused you to love your husband or wife in the first place.

The next time you are faced with a crisis in your marriage and you think that it is failing, just remember the love that you once shared and what brought you two together. Chances are that it will help lighten your burden and make the situation easier to get through than if you went into it without remembering that deep and abiding love.

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