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4 Secrets To Attracting The Man Of Your Dreams

Secrets To Attracting The Man Of Your Dreams

Every woman wants the perfect man. But the problem is that the perfect man is very difficult to find. And if you happen to have found the right man, your next problem is getting his attention and attracting him to you.

Here you will find four ways to effectively attract a man, get him to pay more attention to you and want to get to know you better. His desire to know more about you could stem from genuine affection or even love, and a desire to share his life with you.

These secrets are not merely for catching a man’s attention or even seducing him, they will work in a way that gets him to constantly think about you, seeing you in a different way from how he normally views women and making him see you as special and unique. In other words, his kind of woman!

Attracting A Man Is Not Difficult

Indeed attracting any man is easy enough, and any woman can, with varying levels of effort, appear irresistible to men.

Here are some effective tips for the woman who is trying to appear attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex:

  • Look sensual – Dress attractively and show some skin, but don’t try to be over provocative.
  • Use the right amount of makeup – For men, too much makeup is just too much. Most guys prefer it if a woman’s makeup is barely there, or she is just natural looking.
  • Sport pouty, kissable lips – If you naturally have Angelina Jolie lips, you can put them to work and drive men crazy.
  • Make the first move – Smile, make eye contact, touch him, stare. Men can take the hint that you are interested in them.
  • Drive a motorcycle – Guys like women who ride a motor bike because they appear sexy, carefree and gives off good vibes that men simply find attractive.
  • Attract men with your sexy voice – Men just like it when a woman has a certain huskiness or softness to her voice. If you sound like you can actually caress them with your voice, men will literally fall for you. They’ll love it even more if a woman has an accent.
  • Talk dirty – A woman who can talk dirty occasionally is not always viewed by men as trashy. Your man would actually find this exciting.

As a woman, these are just some of the tips you can use if you want to attract men. But as you can see, it’s easy to attract the wrong kind of man with these methods too. Many may tend to notice you only for the wrong reasons.

How To Attract The Man You Want To Spend Your Life With?

If you are trying to attract the right man, one who has the right intentions, one who will love you, care for you and understand you, then you should use a more subtle and special approach.

Here are four secrets that women who are successful with men have used.

1. Have Feminine Grace

A woman who is comfortable with herself, her sex and femininity is considered a woman of feminine grace.

In today’s society when so many women strive to become equal with men, femininity is often disregarded as women try to be as tough and rough as men are. In any industry, they compete against their male counterparts and try to play the game as any man would. However, it is simply impossible for a woman to be equal with a man because men and women are as different as night and day. It is however possible for a woman to have the same achievements as a man in any industry, or even have greater achievements than her male colleagues.

It is not difficult to exude feminine grace and still be competitive and rise to the top. All you have to do is be confident of yourself even in an industry dominated by men. You don’t have to exert your femininity by dressing provocatively or by acting weak and needy. A lot of men say they are uncomfortable working alongside a woman who dresses too sexy. Most men also regard women who ask too many favors at work incapable of handling more responsibility.

So be the woman that you are, be comfortable with your skills and knowledge, be confident with what you are and interact with others as a woman, NOT as dictated by chauvinistic society. You don’t have to dress provocatively or show skin just to tell people “Look, I’m a woman!” Let your beauty shine through while observing decorum, have self respect, show restraint, and people will not look down on you.

A woman who has feminine grace is respected by her peers and is always attractive to the opposite sex.

If you are graceful in a womanly way, you can get the attention of men in ways that is not only sexual. They will be intrigued by you and will want to know you better. They will be mystified by you and they will long to pursue you as they will see you as a challenge. Men love to do the hunting so they will do all in their power to catch your attention.

Secrets To Attracting Man

2. Don’t Be Desperate

Do not be a woman who needs a man, instead be a woman that a man needs!

If you come across as a woman who is in desperate need for a man, you will have great difficulty attracting the right man.

Many women who seem unable to live without a man in their lives often have their heart and trust broken many times. These experiences damage their self respect and confidence, making them feel lost, afraid, lonely and incapable of being on their own.

You do not want to become that kind of woman, and in order to protect yourself, you must become a woman a man needs.

What causes desperation?

Understanding the causes of desperation can help you avoid it. Desperation occurs when a woman puts too much importance into finding a man. She considers it a great necessity to find a man. If she cannot find one within a certain time frame, say before she turns 30 or 35 or 40, she falls into panic. That panic is essentially what triggers the desperation. Now a woman who is desperate is in danger of falling for any man.

A desperate woman usually does these:

  • Dates a lot. She is never seen without a man, but never with the same man.
  • Have sex on the first date.
  • Her life revolves around a man. She schedules her day to fit the man’s schedule and expects or even demands the man to accommodate her too.
  • She constantly calls, texts or emails the guy when they are not together.
  • She gets too attached too quickly and does not bother to ‘test the waters’ first or give consideration to what the guy feels.
  • She allows herself to be easily pushed. This makes her appear to have no identity or personality. She always goes along with the man’s opinions and ideas for fear of being abandoned.
  • She puts off her priorities for the man.
  • She demands to spend a lot of time with the guy.
  • She always buys her man gifts.
  • She would often act immaturely and portray childish behavior which turns men off.
  • She wants to meet with the man’s family too soon. This never fails to scare the guy off from the start.
  • She acts unreasonably jealous and territorial when there are other women around the guy.
  • She dresses too provocatively and inappropriately.
  • She always strives to please people.
  • She is incapable of doing anything by herself and always needs a man to assist her.
  • She walks into a relationship thinking a year ahead.
  • She often lies to her man.
  • She tries very hard to flatter her man even if he does not uplift her emotionally.

Men run away from desperate women – it is like an instinct to them. That is because men do not want to be too involved with women who cling to them as they are unwilling to lose their freedom. A man, when he is in love with a woman, will obviously sacrifice some of his freedom so he can accommodate her in his life. But a woman who demands too much of his time can suffocate him and drive him away.

So in order to attract the right man, the kind of man who will stick with you no matter what, you should learn to put equal value to all areas of your life such as your family, friends, work, hobbies and finding a man you can spend your life with.

If you value all aspects of your life equally and not focus only on finding a man, you make yourself more interesting, thus attractive to the opposite sex. Men will see you as a confident, capable woman, a woman worth pursuing because she presents a challenge, a woman that can add value to a man’s life.

3. Be A Geisha

In Japan, a Geisha is a hostess trained to entertain men with conversation, song and dance. They are not considered prostitutes. There is many a story in Japan that depicts strong, powerful and married men falling for a geisha. The main reason for that is because a geisha can emotionally attract a man.

There are many ways to attract a man, other than just sexually. A woman can also successfully attract a man emotionally. In many ways, it is better to attract a man this way than with your body. Why? Because the attraction is deeper and thus the resulting relationship can go a long way.

So how to be like a geisha?

A geisha is not necessarily a submissive woman, she is a woman that appreciates what a man is. That is the secret of a geisha’s success.

Every man wants to be appreciated, to feel that their intellect, efforts, ideas and opinions are important. They want to feel that their existence matters to others. If you can make the man you want feel that way, if you can make him realize that his every effort is appreciated and that he matters and is wanted, he will never set eyes on another woman again.

You can be a geisha and attract a man emotionally by:

  • Showing respect for his opinions
  • Being pleasant and genuinely enthusiastic
  • Being a good listener – do not interrupt him and make only appropriate replies
  • Not judging him, questioning him or invalidating his experiences
  • Showing that you accept his evaluation of himself without challenging

It is still possible to be an opinionated woman while pleasing a man emotionally. The trick is to show consideration for his opinions and feelings. If your opinion happens to be the opposite of his, do not be aggressive and argumentative. Instead accept his opinion but let him understand that you will not necessarily change your mind just to agree with him. Your mere understanding is enough to make a man feel good and confident about himself. It will also teach him to respect your opinions and you as a woman, so both of you will be satisfied and grow even closer as a couple.

If the man you want is telling you something, listen very closely. And when he’s finished, reply with a concise summary of what he just told you. This will impress him, though he may not show it. Then he will start to see you as a woman like he never encountered before. That experience with you will continue to burn in his memory, and he will long to have more conversations with you, to be with you more often. When he thinks of you, his thoughts would be “She is different, unique, special”, “I must get to know her better”, “She is the one.”

So be genuinely appreciative of the man you want, praise him when he least expects it, be affectionate at all times and show that you admire his efforts.

How To Attract The Man Of Your Dreams

4. Be A Challenge

Men like a challenge. A woman they view as challenging is worth pursuing. They like it better if they need to go through any lengths to win her over, charm her and accomplish what only a few men have accomplished before.

So how can you be a challenge to a man and attract him at the same time?

First, you have to understand, to be a challenge, you don’t have to play hard. By all means, show your feelings, if you are interested in him too, don’t hide it, feel it and revel in that feeling. How can that be challenging, you ask? The challenge comes in keeping some of your cards hidden. Don’t place them all on the table in one go. Let information about you flow in an agonizingly slow trickle to make him constantly want more.

Be mysterious. If you present your life like an open book to a man and allow him to know the story of your life in just a few weeks, you’re being an easy game. He will lose interest in a hurry and will start looking for the next challenge. When you provide too much information in one fell swoop, it leads to information overload. Many of the things you tell him will soon be forgotten so he will end up not really knowing you. If he does not know you, how do you expect him to value you?

So tell him about yourself, but be slow and mysterious about it. Make him anticipate the next revelation and keep him guessing how much more is there to know about you. It isn’t about holding back your darkest secrets either. It’s all about holding back the things that make you smile, happy, grateful, feel special, loved, appreciated and so on. Sharing the things that make your life up slowly over time will make you a real challenge to a man.

Also men are attracted to women who can stand their ground in the face of a challenge. Be true to yourself, have your own opinion, do not be swayed easily by what a man says, and most importantly do not sacrifice your own dreams and desires for a man. You challenge him with the things you won’t do just to please him or to earn his approval. Don’t go running to him whenever he wants you, even in the middle of the night. Don’t wear the clothes he wants you to wear just because he thinks it’s sexy. Don’t do his laundry or cook a fabulous dinner for him and his friends. Simply put, do not sacrifice too much for him. The more he realizes that you stand your ground, the more he will respect you and want you.

Final Words

These secrets will allow you to utilize the things that make you a woman in the first place. You are naturally attractive to the opposite sex. But by using your assets the right way, you can successfully attract and keep the man you want.

Decide which of these four methods will work best for you.

  • Is it using the power of your feminine grace?
  • By being independent?
  • By being a geisha?
  • By being a challenge to the man you want?

Common tricks to attract a man such as showing skin, looking like a porn star, making the first move, etc., can help you attract the man you are interested in. But can these tricks help you keep him once the sizzle has died?

In closing, to attract the man you really want you must use subtle and special methods as outlined here. Use them to effectively attract the man of your dreams and keep him for good.

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