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Seven Signs Your Husband or Wife Is Cheating

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Are you suspecting your husband or wife of cheating? There are some common signs that you might want to look out for before jumping to any conclusions. Read the following and see if his or her behavior fits in with more than just a couple of the tell tale signs.

1. He develops a new need for privacy

If your husband is suddenly being more secretive about various aspects of his life, it’s a big sign he might be cheating. This could be anything from putting a password on his computer to not telling you where he was one night. “It’s not important” is not a good answer to “Where were you?”

2. More time on the phone

This is a bigger deal when happening with a husband rather than a wife. When a woman spends more time on the phone it could be because of a whole slew of reasons, but when issues affect a man’s life it’s less typical for them to resort to phone calls to work them out. So, if your husband is starting to take to the phone more frequently, it’s a warning sign.

3. A new pastime that doesn’t involve you

If your husband or wife takes up a new hobby that conveniently doesn’t involve you, put a checkmark on your list of signs they’re cheating. New hobbies and pastimes have long been a practical cover for secret rendezvous. A good thing to do here is take an active interest so that the lies would have to become more frequent and therefore easier to catch.

4. He’s a lot more intimate

This one applies to men more than women as well. If your husband isn’t usually frisky on the average night, but is suddenly getting more so and with more frequency, it’s actually a sign of cheating. This is what happens when he’s messing around with someone new but not getting what he wants, or at least not getting it as often as he wants.

5. They are a lot less intimate

When there is usually frequent sex in your marriage and then it suddenly grinds to a halt, it’s a good sign that your husband or wife isn’t being faithful. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. It’s because they are getting their needs fulfilled elsewhere.

6. They eat less

This plays into the next point as well. When a man or woman cheats, it means there is a new love interest. They will want to look their best for that person and therefore they’ll be watching their weight. They may also shift their diet to one that may promote a better sex life.

7. They take care of their appearance

When your spouse starts taking interest in their physical appearance again, in the kind of way you haven’t seen since you were dating, it’s a big red light. This is the sort of behavior that happens far too much of the time when someone becomes unfaithful. That’s because a new lover makes a person feel sexier. Also, they just want to look attractive for them.


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