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Free Online Dating Sites – Truth or Myth?

We see it advertised all the time – free online dating sites. Find your ideal partner, for FREE!

A free online dating site certainly is free to browse and to locate that person. When does it stop being a free dating site and turn into a paid dating site? The moment you want to make contact. When your heart is aflutter and the sound of your heartbeat drowns out the blaring TV, when your ears are aching with the rush of blood, when you’ve found that dream and you find the courage to poise your cursor above the “reply” button – that’s the moment.

Click! In order to reply, your free online dating site puts your thrill on hold for a moment. Just a moment, though, while you fill out a form with some details concerning your payment of the membership fees. The fees, however, when you reach that moment, are really not exorbitant at all. In fact, they’re pretty well worth it for the fun you’re going to get out of it, even if it’s just entertainment.

The point is this. You don’t, at this stage, know which is the best online dating site for you to join as a paid member. So you join a free online dating site while you do some window shopping. There’s no limit to how many you join for free, except for the time it takes to browse them all, and possibly your bandwidth limits.

How Much Can You Do For Free?

A great deal, in fact. Even the free online dating sites want you to set up your profile when you join, and for good reason. In order to calculate your best matches, it needs to know something about you and about your requirements. You can browse to your heart’s delight, but if you want to the site to be able to calculate the best matches, it has to have something to measure it by.

There are thousands of people registered. You could browse ad nauseam, with much of your efforts a waste of your time for any number of logistical reasons. To get the right results, you really want to be able to filter the searches according to your requirements, over and above age and gender.

Register on the free online dating site and set up a name and profile. Once you have explored a number of them, you’ll get to decide which one is the best online dating site for you to join and become a fee-paying member, if any.

A free online dating site is certainly a reality, and the right place to start, especially if you are uncertain about whether it’s your thing or not.

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