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Divorce Process

Divorce is an extremely difficult process for any two people to go through. The situation can become even more challenging when there are children involved. There are several things that you and your partner can do to make the divorce a little easier on the whole family, but if you find that you have a change of heart, there are also some things that you can do to stop the divorce process once it has begun.

It’s very important to understand that realization is the key to stopping the proceedings once you file for divorce. Examine your heart closely, and determine whether or not what you’re feeling is anxiety about making such a huge life change–or if you’re still in love with your spouse. Remember not to speak to rashly, and not to act too soon. If you’ve had a week or two to think about the situation, and you know that you still love your husband or wife and want to work things out, you should inform your spouse of this as soon as you know for sure. This way, you’ll know whether or not your spouse feels the same way, and you can start rebuilding your relationship.

You should also assess whether or not you are prepared to do the work that comes with halting the divorce process. If you and your spouse have decided that you still love one another, you will be faced with a number of options. Both parties will have to agree on how reconciliation will be handled. You may want to talk to a family counselor that can help you to resolve the issues that led you to divorce court in the first place. Taking your children with you to counseling may also be helpful, since divorce is a matter that affects the whole family. You could start by adjusting your work schedule as well, since many couples complain that they don’t spend enough time with one another, and this can lead to divorce. Keep in mind that both partners have to be equally willing to make the marriage work in order for reconciliation to be effective.

If you both want to make the marriage work, you’ll need to handle the legalities of stopping the divorce proceedings. The person that filed the divorce has the ability to put the case on hold. Either way, a divorce attorney will recommend that you and your spouse do everything you can to repair your marriage before the divorce is finalized. If your judgment has not been granted yet, you and your spouse can withdraw the divorce petition or get a notice of revocation. The courts will permit divorces to be stopped so that you can attend counseling and undergo other forms of negotiation.

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