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Ending A Relationship When The Time Has Come

Some people meet their soul mate in high school or just know right off the bat when they meet someone that it is true love. Unfortunately this is not the case with all relationships. Although ending a relationship is truly never easy, no matter how short a relationship it may have been, there are a few tips that can help. If this is how you feel, there are a few tips for ending a relationship that can help you make it through this.

There are possible worse case scenarios such as you were cheated on or you are interested in another person. Most people use the “let’s stay friends” line as a way to break the ice and start the break up talk but if you really do not want to stay friends with them then why would you say that? Make sure that you are honest with them so that you are not dragging them on if they are still interested. Just remember that this is often the best choice and can benefit both of you.

You need to be clear when you are ending a relationship, and let the other person know what it is that is not working for you. Maybe you are just not ready for a serious relationship, do not feel as though you are compatible as a couple or have other reasons for why you want to end it. Even though they may be a little hurt at first, in the end they are going to appreciate your honesty more and can use what you have told them to make their next relationship more successful. As painful as the process of ending a relationship can be, it can actually be a learning experience for the both of you.

People must always be honest to their needs and if they are not being met, there is no point in stringing someone along any longer if you know that you are not going to be happy in the end. Basically if you have to think whether or not you want to end it, in most cases you may as well. A lot of people stay in relationships out of fear and this is never a good idea. You may be worried that you are going to hurt your partner by telling them you want to end it, or you may feel guilty or worried that you are going to be all alone.

The bottom line is that most people stay in a relationship because they want to settle down with that person down the road and start a family. You know how you feel and if you do not think that you are with someone you could see yourself with for the long-term, what better time to tell them than now. If you know that this person is not right for you but do not tell them, you are really not being fair to them because they could be moving on to find someone else as well. Ending a relationship, especially one that has lasted for six months or more, can be difficult but sometimes it is the best thing to do.

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