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When Not To Win Back Your Ex

When Not To Win Back Your Ex

When someone breaks up with us. we want to attempt changing their minds. In the back of our mind we may even know that breaking up is for the best but nobody wants to be broken up with. There may be reasons for the breakup but we tend to make up our own reasons thinking we were not good enough. All of this is not true. You are good enough for someone who deserves you and can give you an explanation for the split. There are definitely situations where you do not want to win back your ex so pick up your pride and move on.

Today the social media networking is growing every second and if you are like most then you must have a Facebook page. It is a faux pas to split up with someone on Facebook but nobody seems to care and he or she does it anyways. When your ex breaks up with you and removes your name as the person they were with it’s painful and embarrassing. The entire network between you and your ex knows even before you do that you guys are done. You guys are finished even before you logged in. Do not start hurling insults on your ex’s wall about how pathetic they are to break up with you on Facebook. Take the high road because eventually the word will leak out that he or she didn’t have the guts to do it in person.

As soon as your ex breaks up with you in person do not throw your arms around them and let them drag you towards their car. There is nothing sexy about a bawling ex clinging around their feet pleading with them not to let them go. You need to be strong and act like you don’t need them. If your ex can break up with you without a reason then there is no reason to stay with them.

If you hear it through one of their friends that your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t want to be with you it’s best to ask your partner. We can’t control anyone else’s behavior or actions so go straight to the source. If you have a gut instinct that your partner is not being straightforward with you then go with that. Your partner should have a lot of respect for you instead of leading you on. Most times people don’t want to hurt the one they love but you only hurt them more if you are not honest.

Breaking up is always a hard place to be at and it takes time to move on. You may think you need to win your ex back because you miss them terribly but think twice. Was it really that good if you two are not together? People tend to forget to look at the whole picture and you need to remember the good and the bad. In the near future you will realize you were so much better off then being with someone who kicked you to the curb the wrong way. Remember, happiness is the best revenge so live your life to the fullest.

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