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Challenges In Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Challenges In Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

About Long Distance Relationships

You got online, and to your surprise, you met someone very special. If your online sweetheart lives in a distant state or a different country, then you have a problem that needs to be resolved.

In reality, distance is never an issue with online dating until you get to the point where you are ready to meet your sweetie in person. Then, how far you live from one another becomes the only thing that really matters. A long distance relationship, known in cyberspace as an LDR, requires a considerable degree of time and effort regardless of whether it was initiated in the offline world or online.

Longing to be together physically, mistrust, feelings of pity and frustration as well as not having extra money to cover travel expenses all are issues that must be dealt with when involved in this type of relationship.

How can you get to ‘see’ the person with whom you have been virtually corresponding and have made a true love connection? That depends on where the other person lives, how much you each can budget for travel expenses, and ultimately, whether or not you both feel that meeting in person is going to be worth the effort.

Helpful Tips For Dating While Living Miles Apart

Long-distance relationships always come as a surprise as nobody really dreams about a long-distance relationship. They just seem to come to us almost out of nowhere. But if you meet an amazing person online, are you really going to let the fact that he or she lives far away to stop you?

Needless to say, there will be some unavoidable problems with long-distance relationships, and you would like to avoid them altogether without jeopardizing your relationship with the other person. But love is a funny thing, and if you think your relationship could actually blossom into something special, what do you intend to do? Here are some tips for navigating through the messy roads of a long-term, long distance relationship.

Are Either of You Prepared to Move?

This is by far the biggest issue involving long distance romances. Ultimately, in order for the relationship to survive and move to the next stage, one of you will have to move. Most people dream of moving to another place, but the logistics of such a move mostly get in the way, and moving doesn’t usually happen. Ties with family, job situation, friends, home mortgages, and the community are all major obstacles that are hard to overcome. That’s a lot to give up for a chance at love. The payoff of this type of gamble can be tremendous, but only if you’re the type of person that really could take such a risk.

Are You Sincere About Your Relationship?

If you feel that your relationship deserves something better, it’s time to sit down and talk openly with your sweetie about the pros and cons of your long-distance relationship. One of the most important things about making a long-distance relationship work is to make sure that you are both on the same wavelength. Often, even the most stable long distance relationships can go awry, if both parties are not entirely honest about one another. Discuss the challenges the two you will likely face, and what you can do to overcome them.

Are You Realistic About the Limitations of Your Relationship?

One of the hardest things about managing a long-distance relationship is coming to terms with the many limitations that are inherent to the situation. If you have decided that this relationship is worth pursuing, it’s time to talk openly with your partner about the possibility of an on line long-term relationship. Ask your partner if they are willing to be part of an open, honest long-term relationship. If, after talking, the two of you decide that this is something you truly want to preserve, it’s time to make a dating strategy.

Can You Build A Workable Strategy for Your Relationship?

If you have decided that you are willing to put in some serious effort to make your long distance relationship work, you can start by drafting a workable plan. Begin by strategizing ways to stay in close touch while living far apart. Fortunately, these days it is easier than ever before to stay in touch. Modern technology allows us to communicate on a daily basis, if we wish. Make a list of the best times for the two of you to call one another. You can even set up a special date time at night by phone. Always treat your phone conversation as you would a regular date. For example, dress up a little. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or whatever you would drink together.

Are You Willing to Share the Financial Burden of The Relationship?

Making long distance relationships work can often be quite expensive. Try to share the burden of the long distance relationship. And take turns visiting each other so that one person does not have to bear most of the cost of travel. Make use of new technology, such as Web cameras, instant messaging, cell phone text messaging and, of course, e-mail. You might even want to consider investing in a good long distance program in order to make your long distance relationship more financially feasible

Is Travel Part of Your Job?

For some people, travel is part of their job, so you might find yourself in a situation in which the other person can meet with you after he or she meets with a client. This type of occasional meeting works well for awhile, however, when it starts getting to the point where this occasional contact isn’t enough, you both have to make a decision about the next phase of your relationship.

Does Your Date Live in A Foreign Country?

If money isn’t an issue and your online sweetie lives in a different country, start by figuring out what the other person needs to legally enter the country in which you live. This is most likely to be a passport or visa, both of which take several weeks to process. The sooner you start coordinating the details, the sooner you’ll be able to actually touch one another. That should be all the incentive you need.

Is the Long Distance Relationship Standing in the Way?

For some people, being involved in an long-distance relationship becomes a comfortable situation. The relationship fulfills the need to have another person in your life. Sometimes, however, this virtual relationship keeps a person from making a real effort at finding a viable partner. In the end, what has really happened is a lot of time from your life has been wasted.

Can You Live the Moment?

Can you really take pleasure in the occasional sighting and the intermittent verbal and written communication with the other person? If you cannot, just try to enjoy what you have at that moment as a long distance relationship won’t ever work for you.

Final Words

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that a good long distance relationship is only as good as the time and effort you invest in. Thus, if you can work out a realistic plan in which you can talk openly to your long-distance sweetheart on a regular basis, you have a much greater chance of sustaining a viable long-term relationship and maybe turning it to a real one.


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