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How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back The Right Way

You find yourself wondering how to get your ex-boyfriend back after you dumped him. Maybe you thought you wanted to be single but after a couple of weeks you’ve really started missing him. He was calling you steadily after the breakup but you haven’t taken any of his calls. Now that you want him back he’s not taking any of your calls. Fantastic.

Men have a lot of pride, just as women, but being dumped by a girl is a big blow to his ego. By now his friends have talked him into thinking he can do better and he might believe it since you dumped him. If your ex-boyfriend is not taking your calls you need a plan of action to win him back.

Don’t drop it through the grapevine that you want him back. There is nothing worse then when he and his friends hear this because he will use this information. If your ex knows you want him back, he may try to make you jealous with another girl. He’ll even make sure you see it or hear about it. He will know he has the upperhand if he catches wind that you will do anything to take him back.

Getting him back should only be between you and him. Do not text him or leave him a message on his answering machine. He will know you are chasing him and he’ll enjoy that after the misery you’ve put him through. This also includes any social media contact like Facebook or such. Do not leave anything online for anyone else to read. You want this to be a private matter between the both of you.

What you need to do is catch your ex-boyfriend in person. Do not tell him by any means that you will be showing up. He may then avoid you. Showing up at his place if he lives at home may not work for he can tell his parents to tell you that he’s not home. You may even see his car in the driveway but you have to respect what his parents tell you. You definitely do not want to cause a scene. Visiting him after his work shift is ideal. That way you two are in a public setting and he can’t run away when he sees you. He could try but nobody likes attention like that brought to them. At this point your ex may appear hesitant to speak to you so you need to show him with your tone and body language why you are there.

Don’t tell him right after his work shift you want him back. Tell him you would like to go somewhere to talk so that way you two are in a comfortable setting. Once you get there make sure you are genuine about your reasons on why you want to get back together. If he needs time as most people do after being broken up with, then respect him and give him space. If you two are meant to be together it will happen.

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