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Tips To Get Your Ex Back

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back After You Dumped Her

Breaking up with someone is always painful and emotional. There is no easy way to go through the breakup emotions but there can be a light at the end of tunnel. This is a time to focus on your needs. You may need your ex but you can win him or her back with these tips.

Playing it cool is the best thing you can do right now. When you are broken up with it is our natural reaction to plead with them to give you another chance. This is where you need to stay strong and respect what they want. Chances are if they are breaking up with you it’s because they are hurt and angry about something that has been happening or just happened. Give your ex their space right now. Do not call them no matter how much you want to. Do not visit them at home or at work unexpectedly or you will turn into that creepy ex.

Be around friends right now to help cushion the breakup. You want to keep the friends around who are understanding to your situation and don’t mind you crying about your ex. There are some friends who are better at this than others. Plan those nights you are usually with your ex with your friends. Have an all girls’ night out or hang out with the guys at the sports bar. This is a great time to get reconnect with your friends again. When we are in relationships we tend to spend more time with our partners than our friends. Your friends have missed you even if they don’t voice it.

Take the time to find yourself again. When we are in relationships we often get involved in our partner’s hobbies and interests. We may have forgotten what we use to like or were interested in. It’s important that when we are in relationships to always hold onto our own interests. This is the perfect time to venture out and do the things you haven’t done in a longtime. If creative art was your thing, take a local art class and create away. Maybe you enjoy certain types of movies your ex didn’t like, this is the time to rent the ones you have always wanted to watch. Sit back and enjoy them.

Keeping in touch with your ex after some time has passed is ideal. When space is given to the ex that unfortunately broke up with you, he or she has that time to reflect if they have in fact made a mistake. If the right amount of time has passed then he or she will want to speak to you. Don’t rush the call and wait at least a month to get your ex on the phone. If it’s too soon, they won’t take the phone call. This is the time to feel out the conversation if your ex has made a mistake breaking up with you. If you two are meant to be together then it will happen.

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